Snus: An Alternative to Tobacco

Once the word drug abuse does ring in a person’s mind, they tend to associate more on the negative aspect not knowing it has positive aspects too.

Snus can be defined as an orally consumed tobacco that is smokeless. It is usually placed between the gums and the upper lips for roughly thirty to forty minutes ( Snus users according to research tend to have positive expectancies about potential effects, report subjective pleasure and exhibit dependent behavior and withdrawal symptoms.

Positive Effects of Snus

Is snus good? What impact does it bring to your body? What of the public health, is it of importance?

• Research proves that snus make’s one calm thus increasing his/her concentration. This in turn triggers your physical performance. A note on this is that such can happen to one who has not been snussing for some time or rather a newbie in the act. While at this point one needs snus to feel calm. The positive effect one feels is due to the absence of negative effects which has to do with withdrawal of nicotine.

• Snus is good for general health. This saying does not mean snus is good or an individual’s health, what it does mean is snus is less harmful to general health compared to smoking. Look at it this way, most people are fond of smoking right? Increasing snus consumption amongst the multitude that prefers smoking then at least part of the public that are not smokers will not be at risk ( Snus itself has no direct positive effect on the public but changing snus to tobacco will in turn rescue public health.

• Most people, a majority that have never snused will describe snus’s taste as awful. Is that the case? If snus would be tasting awful the way people term it do you think it could be getting a user increment? Remember snus brings about a positive effect to a user and this is because of its taste compared to tobacco that has left majority coughing after smoking.

• Snus brings about an increase in muscular tissue oxygenation and cerebral to a healthy non smoker during an endurance exercise until exhaustion.

• Helps in reducing tobacco smoking related sickness. Lung cancer being a well known disease brought about by tobacco smoking has been reduced in most countries that has people who use snus.In Sweden for instace there is low level of the disease compared to countries with smokers.


Snus as a product is made and preserved in a way that it gives the least concentrations certain awful chemicals compared to different types of tobaccos. It may cause some effects to the body but the effects can’t be compared to tobacco smoking .Snus is clearly not harmful compared to tobacco smoking thus it being preferred more than smoking.

Snus: An Alternative to Tobacco