Effects of Tobacco

A lot of people smoke, tobacco has some health benefits and also a lot of side effects. No one is however allowed to smoke tobacco, no doctor would recommend there patients to smoke. Long-term smoking leads to premature deaths and other various side effects.

If you haven’t been smoking don’t even think about it, remember that even if it’s beneficial at some point but it’s side effect are bad and harmful (Snushjem.no). Smoking causes stroke, cancer, diabetes, lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis and so many other diseases.

It is not safe to smoke cigarettes at all , apart from harming yourself you also harm those people around you. There is a research showing that smoke exposure has caused nonsmoking adults and infant deaths.

Secondhand smoke can also cause heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and coronary heart disease among adults. Children exposed to smoking are at risk of developing middle ear disease, infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infection, slow lung growth, asthma and respiratory symptoms.

Keep in mind that smoking not only affects you only but also those people around you (Snuslageret.no). Be cautious about your health and theirs as well, smoking is addictive once you begin you will not quit.

To avoid all the problems and diseases associated to smoking never smoke if you have never and if you are smoking try as much as possible to stop for the sake of your health.

Symptoms of smoking

Cold hands and feet

Yellowing of teeth

Bad breath

Regular lung infections and other diseases

Difficulty in breathing

Nicotine stained fingers and teeth

Loss of taste and smell

Smoking risk factors

Low self esteem

Behavioral problems

Poor financial

Poor academic performance

However tough it is to quit smoking tobacco just keep trying, it is challenging but you have to try. If you try a method and it fails try another you never know one might work for you.

Effects of Tobacco